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MOA Dobermans, Chinese Crested and Spynx kitties

We do not sell breeding quality dogs. No exceptions!!!!
Companion puppies are sold on a limited registration
All doberman puppies are sold with ears cropped tails and dew claws done. No exceptions!!!!!


My Dobermans:

I have been a breeder of quality Doberman Pinschers for over 30 years. Lots of hard work and big dreams have made me the success I am today. I received my first doberman when I was only 12 years old. She was a wonderful companion. As I have told many clients, once you have a good Dobe you will never want another breed. Well, thats my thought and its embedded in my heart.

I love all four colors. The Blues are my favorite. I purchased my first blue in 1989. I was told she was a fawn. A fawn was what I wanted, I had never seen a blue. This blue was "BJ" she was such a wonderful lady. I loved her to death. In 1995 my first blue puppy popped up in my litter. She was a Kafka great grand-daughter. When she was born she was so dark I didn't notice she was blue.

I took the litter to a very good friend of mine for help grading them. She said I really like the red collar bitch in the x-pen. I replied who the blue bitch, she said NO the red collar bitch. I said she is blue. I brought the puppy closer so she could see her. She was amazed by her dark color but I said I would not keep her because I had heard Blues were to hard to finish (so I had heard). 
I was looking for a show puppy. Not necessarily something for me to show. I just wanted a dog that was good enough to be a Champion. I had always wanted a show dog, since my first dog show in 1968. I went to the International dog show, that was what it was called then. It was in Chicago on Halsted street, right next to the stock yards. In March of 1968. I walked around and looked at all the dogs. I saw all the people grooming and doing what they did at the shows. I had no idea about the logistics of showing. I just knew, that was what I wanted to do. My friends and family all thought I was weird when I told them of my plans. That was not a usual dream of a child that was growing up in the inner city.

Anyway, I was on a quest to find Blue a home. She watched as I trained her red sister and her black sister from the same litter. I found three different homes for her. Blue was like a bad penny the first buyer did not want her after I sent a picture because she was too dark. The second buyer changed her mind because she was told she would be bald by the time she was a year old. The third buyer returned her because Blue licked her on her arm and she broke out in a rash. 

Yes I named her Blue because in my eyes she was not even worthy of her own name. I had been brain washed because of her color. Well by now Blue was ten months old and did not have a home. I told her she needed a job so I entered her in the Milwaukee show in January. I had never shown a Doberman before. I was a nervous wreck. We were in a class of five, me and four professional handlers. Blue got third. I was impressed. When I walked out of the ring a well known handler asked where I had gotten her.  I puffed out my chest and said proudly I bred her. It was the first time I was ever proud of Blue. By the way, I never trained her. She learned from watching me train her sisters.

The handler asked if she could show her. I said sure so she showed Blue the following weekend. I had only entered her one day for each of the weekends. She showed her in the class and won! She could not take her in for winners so I did. Blue was in the nine to twelve month class. The judge pulled me out right away for a down and back. I was so nervous. Then he pulled a very well known and respected handler out for a down and back. He then had us to all go around together until he told us to stop. While going around for the second time he pointed at Blue. OMG we won! She won! It was her! She was the dog I had been looking for all my life. My show dog. The one I prayed for when they were being born. "Please Lord show me the puppy I am to keep, show me my first Champion". 

He did! However, I refused to see because of her color. Blue went on to be my first home bred, home raised Champion. I put six of the points on her myself. WOW what an achievement! Me and a blue doing that.... 

Blue was my best friend when my husband died. She grieved with me, she loved me unconditionally and she made me get up and stop feeling sorry for myself. Blue also gave me my first "BEST IN SHOW" Ego.... Ego was a blue also. He was the second blue Doberman in the history of the breed to go Best in Show. Believe it or not I think I was more proud of Ego's group 2 at the international in February of 2004. It was like a reunion for me..... I had gone full circle.

I love my Blues so when people ask me why I breed blues and fawns I say with love they deserve to be here too. Whats in a color? Remember that when you judge. We are all the same.....Whats in a color?
Also I only breed color when I want a blue for myself.

My Blue left me too soon she was twelve and as far as I am concerned it was twenty five years too soon. I still miss her like it was yesterday.... "I LOVE MY BLUES" Oh, and by the way none of them have gone bald on me yet. "Knock on wood".

My Cresteds:

I got my first Chinese Crested in 1998. I saw a puppy Crested at a dog show. He was wearing a Green bay packers t-shirt and was the cutest little guy I had ever seen. The owner let me play with him. I fell in love with the weird little guys personality. I told Otis, I want one of those. Otis replied "YUK" no way! He is too ugly. 

Well for months all I talked about was this Crested. Anyone that knew me and Otis as a couple knows that I always got what I wanted. Otis had definitely spoiled me. We were at a dog show waiting for the toy group to go in the ring when Otis pointed out this magnificent hairless Chinese Crested. He had won the breed and was going to show in the group. I knew this was it! This was his way of saying go get what you want. So I did! I talked to the breeder, She had a hairless male that she was looking for a show home for. 

That weekend we went to Springfield and picked up my own crested. I named him Adam. I loved that little dude. He was my rock star. When he did his down and backs he would always come back to the Judge and fling his head to get the hair out of his eyes. The Judges thought it was so cute they almost always asked for another down and back. My man was taken to young also, he was killed in the kennel fire. 

I have bred many Champion cresteds. I hope to continue. My next goal is to breed a few That will be in the top ten.  And as any Crested owner knows they are like potato chips and you can't have just one.

My Sphynx kitties:

I bought my first Sphynx kitty in 2003. After Otis died I decided that I wanted to buy a boarding kennel. Once that decision was made, I thought if I get a kennel I will need a cat. I did not like cats, but I thought I needed one just in case the kennel had mice. Cats were the lessor of two evils.

I raised my first kitty (Wrinkles)and fell in love. From her I bred her one time to fulfill an agreement with the breeder. She was stolen from me by my best friend. I asked her to kitty sit while my house was for sell. I never got her back, but don't regret it.

I am a show person so I have to show any animal that I have. I now have a wonderful male named Nate. He is amazing and a great show cat. His first day being shown he achieved his Grand Champion.. Can't wait to see where this adventure leads me.

My breeding program:

With careful planning and research, I strive to produce healthy and beautiful dogs with wonderful temperaments. My puppies are raised in a clean and loving enviorment with lots of socialization, love, and attention.

My goal as a breeder is to produce puppies with excellent health, confomation, confidence, and longevity.

My Doberman puppies are sold for show and companion with cropped ears, docked tails, and no dew claws. The Chinese Crested puppies have their dew claws removed. They are both sold with up-to-date shots, worming and are microchiped.
Sorry we do not sell breeding stock. 
Although, I do not compete in the working rings many of my babies have done very well there also.
After my husband Otis died, I decided that I wanted to spend more time with my dogs. In March of 2007, I purchased Everafter Kennels. It was a very nice boarding kennel. Unfortunatey, in September of 2008 the kennel burned down. We lost many dogs in the fire, but found that I had made many human friends. We have now gotten past the hurdles and I have opened a beutiful pet resort. Margarita's Pet Resort and Spa. Please visit the other pages to see.

Remember when it comes to dog shows you have to loose in order to appreciate the wins. Without competition there is no dog show.
We do not sell breeding quality dogs. No exceptions!!!!
All doberman puppies are sold with ears cropped tails and dew claws done. No exceptions!!!!!


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