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Chinese Cresteds


We do not sell breeding quality dogs. No exceptions!!!!
Chinese Crested pups released at 12 weeks all puppies are up to date on shots worming and are totally social. They also include micro-chip. Companion puppies are sold on limited registration. Parents are health tested.



The Chinese Crested is a fine-boned, elegant toy dog that craves human companionship, the Crested comes in two varieties. The Hairless has soft, silky hair on its head (crest), tail (plume) and feet (socks). Wherever the body is hairless the skin is soft and smooth. The Powderpuff is entirely covered with a double soft, straight coat. The two types often come from the same litter. Any color or combination of colors is allowed.

A Look Back
It is believed that Chinese mariners sailed with this breed – believed to have evolved from African hairless dogs – on board. During the time of the Chinese plagues, hairless dogs were stowed aboard ships to hunt vermin. By the mid-nineteenth century, Cresteds began appearing in European art, and entries of the breed in American dog shows began in the late 1800s.
(AKC.org 1990)


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