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Our puppies are sold as companions, showing or working.
All doberman puppies are sold with ears cropped tails and dew claws done. No exceptions!!!!!

I would like to thank all my clients for the wonderful things they have said about 

me and my puppies. I do what I do because it is in my heart. This is a gift that I 

have been given from God. The love I have for my puppy kids is tremendous and 

will stay till the day I die.I try to make my clients happy but in the end it is all 

about the dog and not the people. I will answer any question the client has in a 

timely manner. I love to help. I will stand behind any dog I place for the life of 

the pet.

Thanks again for the support and encouragement from every single one of you.

Finding Margarita and MOA Doberman last year was a god send. Our Dobe just turned one-year-old recently and has been nothing but great! Bane is one of the friendliest and most loving dogs I’ve ever met, even people “non-dog” people can’t help but fall in love after meeting him. He’s been healthy, happy, loyal, and extremely trainable. Everything we wanted when looking for a Doberman!

Margarita has likewise exceeded my every expectation. From the start she was always available to answer questions and offer advice. Since Bane joined our family nothing has changed. This being our first dog, I’ve consistently had question and without fail Margarita is willing and happy to answer everything. She’s got a remedy for every problem and a tip for every situation. Having Margarita as a resource has honestly been a huge perk. Every interaction clearly shows how much she loves and knows about the breed. I know that once were ready for a second, Margarita and MOA Doberman will be the first and only place we go!

  • Alex and Bane


Gotta be the best in Wisconsin and I speak from several pups bought from Margarita at MOA over the past years. Dogs I received were all very trainable, very healthy, and of course very loveable and family oriented. I would not hesitate to buy a future pup from this kennel. Margarita is very passionate about her dogs and breeding. I have seen the fruits of her work and is commanding of greater success. Thank you Margarita Files for being part of my entertaining life and then some.


I have had dobermans since I was a teenager. My first two were rescues. When I had to say goodbye, I needed some time. After two years had passed, my partner and I decided that a puppy would be the route to go this time around.

We found Margarita and MOA Dobes at a show, did some research, then reached out to Margarita and visited her at a show in 2006 to meet the pups. The anticipation of the next litter was exciting and overwhelming at times. Leo was born in July and came home with us in October; he was a head turner from day one. He was a companion dog, but wherever we went, we got compliments on his presence and beauty. Margarita is fantastic to work with. I’m so happy to have found a person I can call a reputable breeder.

Leo was with us for nine years. I often times thought he needed a companion, but we just never got to it. Leo was true to the breed standard, alert, fearless, loyal, and highly trainable. I am quite certain that, when I’m ready for another doberman, Margarita will be there to take care of me.

Thank you!

My husband and I were
looking for a loyal, loving pet for our family when we came

across Margarita's website.  I called and left a message and

was contacted back almost immediately.  After talking to her, I knew right away that this is where
we were meant to get our new family member!  
answered all my questions and asked me a bunch to make

sure our girl would be going to a loving family.  This woman

has a huge passion for all her animals.  She matched us with

a girl that we named Bella.  She is the sweetest,  kindest,
loving girl.  We had 2 small children at the time,  and now

have a new born in which she is amazing with.  We love her

to pieces and couldn't imagine life without Bella.  Margarita

has continued to be helpful with any questions we've had

over the past year and a half.  I'd highly recommend a

doberman from her.  I am forever grateful for the amazing

girl she matched us with! 

Kristina and Nash
Glinski and Family

We found Gucci as a two year old at Margarita's. I had called inquiring about puppies and whenMargarita said she had a two year old red female, my husband and I got in the car to meet her right away. Needless to say, she is absolutely gorgeous. She was also trained when we got her and she's incredibly intelligent... scary intelligent. She was a perfect companion to the black Dobe we had who we've sincelost and now she's perfectly happy being the "only dog" with four cats. She's a beautiful red color with warm soft brown eyes. She's also 83 pounds and very tall. She is the ultimate companion. As long as I have Dobermans, which will be forever, I will be sure to secure a puppy or adult from Margarita. She breeds the most beautiful and intelligent dogs. Margarita is the best and most caring Doberman breeder around.

Richard & Nanci

Barrington, Illinois

I fell in love with the Doberman breed at a young age growing up with my best friend whose sister had a house full at any given time. I knew when I was older, and when the time was right, I too would be the owner of this magnificent breed. That time finally came and I began to do my due diligence; I was in search of the perfect breeder. After months of phone calls to various people within the state I finally heard about Margarita through my best friend and was told to reach out to her. 

I did just that and after my first call with her, I instantly felt just how passionate she was about her dogs and how much care and time she put into breeding quality dogs; I knew this was the perfect match. Every other breeder I spoke to prior to finding Margarita required a puppy application that asked a series of questions about ownership experience, whether your yard is fenced, and if you were for or against spay/neutering. In a way each of those breeders, indirectly, made me feel as though they would only place their puppies in the homes of people who had previous experience with this breed. At any rate, Margarita told me during our first call that she expected a litter within a few weeks; I wasted no time in providing her with any and all information she needed in order to claim one of the little pups. 

On May 24th I received the most exciting email; it was the birth announcement of the new litter and I couldn’t have been more thrilled. We were invited to attend a visitation when the puppies turned 6 weeks and I waited patiently for that day to come around. We arrived on Sunday and I was very taken back by her whole set up for her dogs and her puppy room; everything was clean and the puppies were very well cared for. She was willing to provide pictures and updates of the puppy’s progress at any given time and she made it clear she would always be there to answer any questions or concerns.

What stands out to me the most about my experience with Margarita is that she does something that, to me, seems out of the norm in terms of placing her puppies. Perhaps it is quite normal and I am just inexperienced when it comes to working with breeders. Regardless of such perceptions, Margarita actually does not allow her perspective families a choice as to what puppy they want. She does, however, ask you to decide on male or female and what color you want. 

To be honest when I first learned of this it made me feel a little uncomfortable and saddened by the fact I wouldn’t be bringing home the puppy that ‘gave me the most attention on visiting day’ or the one that seemingly connected with me at first sight (these are the types of stories I hear from other dog owner of how they picked their dog out of an entire litter). After further explanation Margarita’s philosophy made perfect sense; how can you really tell which puppy is for you during the short two hour visiting session? By personal phone conversations, email exchanges, etc.; Margarita made it a point to get to know me and my personality by asking lifestyle questions, what my home life is like (do I have kids, other dogs, how much experience have 

I had in dog ownership) and so on. Throughout the first 8 weeks of the puppy’s life, she used the information she learned about each of us and watched the puppy’s personalities develop to determine the perfect match. I admit; however, at visitation day I just wanted to know which of the little ones was going to be mine. I made it a point to play with each and every one of them and at the end Margarita went around the room and asked, “if I allowed you to pick which puppy to take home which would it be?” Each of us went around the room and gave our answers. Fast forward 3 weeks later and on the day of pick up I was told the little blue collard girl was chosen for me. I was ecstatic to say the least as this was the one I had chosen!

Fast forward again 4 months later and I could not be happier with my little red girl, Zoe, Margarita, and MOA Dobermans as a whole. I feel that my puppy is perfect in every way and that she has been the easiest dog I have ever owned, to care for and train. Furthermore, Margarita has made me feel like part of her Doberman family and has been nothing but a joy to work with. I have found myself calling or emailing her asking random questions that probably show just how unexperienced I am as a new puppy owner. 

She has said time after time, never hesitate to pick up the phone and call if we have concerns/questions and that show of support goes a long way. Margarita says that she guarantees this may be our first dog from her but it won’t be our last and I couldn’t agree more. I have already been thinking about how wonderful it would be to get Zoe a little brother or sister and there is no question Margarita will be my first and only phone call!

I simply can't say enough about Margarita and MOA Dobes!! We brought home our 3rd baby from Margarita in August, 2015 and are totally and completely in love! Margarita's dogs are simply the very best in every way. Margarita knows her puppies and is certain to place them in the right homes. Our Fabio is a complete lover and has an amazing personality. He is such a great puppy...alert, attentive, smart, friendly, playful and of course feisty! His paws are huge and he is an absolutely beautiful dog. He has completely melded into our crazy extended family without missing a beat. There is nowhere else we would ever go for a quality Doberman pup.

To anyone considering a Doberman, Margarita has been a huge blessing to our family. She is a highly knowledgeable breeder, with unlimited energy and advice. Her kindness and compassion are unsurpassed! Our family was complete when we brought home our gorgeous dobe, Maya. She was lovable, gentle, and very smart. Her eyes and expressions could speak volumes! Her size and breed may have given people pause, but her temperament and personality quickly won everyone over (even our mailman)! Everyone commented on her confident stance and pretty presentation. Our beloved girl left us way too soon, and due to our trust and admiration for Margarita, we were quickly in contact with her to request another of her puppies. Our home and hearts are again filled with joy and laughter, as we have recently brought home our new girl, Isla. She is a character! Playful, inquisitive, and patient with us as “new parents.” Her coloring is rich and she too presents with a confidence unike any puppy I have every seen. We would recommend Margarita to anyone. She is an invaluable resource to doberman lovers everywhere!

~Dave, Jenni, Ariel, Hannah, Molly, and Isla Rodriguez; Darien, IL

We have been blessed with not one, but two beautiful, intelligent, loving dogs from Margarita. We recently added another red female to our family. We have a three year old red named Lucy, and now a four month old red named Ellie. We cannot imagine not having these girls in our home.. The ever goofy nature of the Dobe is priceless, and having that times two is a joy.

Margarita ensures that one, her dogs will be put in the best homes, two, the owners are informed and skilled in the care of the dog, and three, that the owners will be forever satisfied. Thank you again Margarita for the wonderful Dobermans in our lives!!!

Mark and Nicole

My husband and I were looking for a companion for our five year old male doberman. Our search lead us to Margarita Files. A friend of a friend saw her and her dogs at a show and got her number for us. I recognized her name. I had just read many, many great things about her and MOA Dobes on the internet. What a coincidence.

After my first conversation with Margarita, I knew I wanted one of her dogs. I was so impressed with her and her love and passion for her babies.

Margarita paired us with the one of the most beautiful red dobermans we have ever seen. Sadie Mae is so sweet and loving along with being sassy and highly spirited. She simply adores her older companion, Samson and follows him where ever he goes. It makes us smile and warms our hearts to see how close these two have become in such a short period of time.

We were truly blessed in finding Margarita and can't thank her enough for Sadie Mae. We would not hesitate for one minute to recommend her to others. If you are looking for a doberman companion, look no further than Margarita Files and MOA Dobes!

Cindy and Roy

We have owned Dobermans for over 30 years, but none have been as loving, robust, entertaining,

and confident as our two from Margarita. We were "matched" with Talon, our 10 year old, by

Margarita and she did a wonderful job of fitting the right puppy with us. Talon has the perfect

temperament, whether it be around other dogs or people. He has grown to be a wonderful

companion and now helps me with our latest addition from Margarita, Ryker. We love the boys

and these two have fast become best buddies. They eat together, play together, and sleep

together. Talon has been very patient with the puppy, earning the title "Nanny." Ryker has

taken to him like a little brother and follows him all over the house and yard. Margarita has

always bred her dogs with confidence, soundness, beauty, and brains. Ryker has caught on

to our routines and his puppy class training is going very well. We get so many comments from

friends and neighbors on how good natured and well behaved he is, besides his good looks.

Margarita has always made sure her dogs go to loving homes, are sound, and full of life,

and if you need questions answered, she's just a phone call away. She loves each and every

one of her dogs, and gives them the best start to assure a well-balanced family member.

We can't stress enough that Margarita is one of the best breeders of Dobermans around.

Her prices are less than most, her dogs are socialized early, and there are no picky eaters

among them! If you're looking for a Doberman, search no further: Margarita Files in Beaver

Dam, Wisconsin is the breeder you want. Talon and Ryker are THE testimonial to her

abilities to breed the best Dobes.

Thank you, Margarita, for all you have done for us, all the information you have provided to

give us the starting point in proper raising of a Doberman, and for our two "boys" whom

we love dearly!

Mickie & Allan

In April of 2015 I had contacted Margarita regarding the Chinese Crested breed. My husband and I were looking to add a female puppy to our family. In talking to Margarita I realized that she is a very knowledgeable, practical individual. Her personality and mine were similar in many ways. I also realized that her and I both have a similar approach in how we raise canines. It was a good conversation and I liked her instantly. Through talking she suggested trying an older pup/young adult. We were hesitant at first, but she asked us to think about the idea. 

Not too long after we took a trip and agreed to come meet a young, male adult. This was not what we were originally looking for, but by the time we left "Gent" was playing with my husband. Seeing the two having fun together brought a smile to my face. We asked to take Gent on a trial basis for a week to see how he fit into our household, especially considering we have children and I was pregnant with our third. We expected to have a week worth of enforcing rules, cleaning up accidents in the house (thinking there would be significant "marking" having a male, and training him with new commands since our animals are trained in Spanish. To our surprise we literally have had ONE instance of marking in the house. 

After one firm "NO" he never did it again. He fit in with our family within a day or two, even having learned a new name of "Capone" within two days. He learned household rules within a week and got into a routine just as fast without much correction or any behavior modification. He is a great companion dog! He keeps one of us within view, but is never clingy, nor pushy. Our 3 year old is even his "care taker" who feeds the animals and lets them out to potty every day. He not just respects her, but jumps around excitedly when he sees her wake up knowing she is the one who takes care of him in the morning. She finds such joy in how he greets her! The level of intelligence is impressive as he learns something within just a couple times of having experienced it. 

We have a hobby farm with goats and chickens. He goes out each day with my husband to feed livestock, which he never chases them. Very quickly we noticed that he races upstairs the moment he hears my husband put his belt on, as he knows it's chore time. His manners from the get go are impressive. We don't allow animals begging and he doesn't jump on on the table, nor steal food from the kids. My husband doesn't like kisses, and Capone learned right away who he can and cannot give kisses to. He is very patient, sitting amazing for grooming whether it be a comb, scissors, or shaver. He loves being in the car to go visit people or to pick up my daughter from school. 

Never do we hear a peep out of him unless he's playing or gives a warning bark. Shedding is minimal. All in all he is a very low maintenance dog. Margarita has a wonderful way of instilling manners and flexibility into the animals in her care, which has wonderfully prepared him to transition into our home. His level of health is an attribute to his care before we received him. We have a healthy, well mannered, intelligent, good looking companion that we got at a fair price. Next time we get another dog we will be calling up Margarita.

We brought home our black, male doberman puppy from Margarita in July 2014 when he was 9 weeks old. He is now almost 7 months old. We cannot rave enough about our dog. Our friends, family, and even strangers are frequently telling us how beautiful, smart, and calm he is for a puppy (and we totally agree!). Anyone who has spent anytime with him falls in love. So far, he's done great with strangers, children, other dogs, and even cats! After the experience we've had with this puppy, I would not get a doberman from anyone else.

-Rachel and Michael

After a 20 year desire and 9 month search for a Chinese crested I happened to find Margarita by an internet search. I had also found a couple rescue groups and kennels but neither of my prior contacts were desirable so I was very Leary of yet another "internet" contact. I sent an initial email and received a response immediately and a request for a contact number so we could speak directly! I was thrilled to have a real person to speak with. Margarita inquired as to what I was looking for...characteristics...temperament...age..asked about my home and family and shared information about the breed with me. Soon after I was contacted again and told that she had a match fitting exactly what I was looking for. I was given all the information needed...photos and was even able to arrange to meet our sweet mea at a dog show in eau Claire Wisconsin! Margarita knew how excited we were and brought mea a along just for us to meet since we live almost 4 hours from each other! We met in eau Claire and mea was everything margarita said she was and then some! We took her home that day! Margarita was so easy to work with....honest and very willing to accomadate us. Her first interest was making sure her baby went to a good home. That told me immediately that this is where i wanted to get my crested from! 

Other kennels I talked with didn't ask any questions and instead just gave me a price. Mea has been a perfect fit! She's well rounded and has transitioned very quickly. Margarita has kept in contact during the transition and has answered any questions we have had immediately. We are so grateful to margarita for bringing mea into our lives and bringing my 20 year dream to reality! We will always consider her our extended family! We will deffinitley be adopting another crested from margarita in the near furture.

Hello Margarita!

I hope you are well. We've been enjoying Turner so much since we got him. He's very smart and stubborn (he blends right in with the rest of the family in that regard) :)

Turner is doing awesome! He is still very snuggly and loving. We completed a Puppy Preschool class with him and we have also been working with a trainer for basic manners and obedience training. He is so smart and picks things up very fast!

He is growing very, very quickly! He gained 10 pounds in the first four weeks he was here! I wish he would slow down just a little bit :)

The picture of him laying on the car seat with a blue blanket was taken the day after we brought home home (12 wks old).
The other picture, with the green spiky ball, was taken three weeks after we brought him home (15 wks old).
He doesn't fit laying on the car seat like that very well anymore so four weeks after bring him home (at 16 wks old) he sits up majestically on the seat - you can see his back leg hanging off. Even though he's got an entire bench seat behind him he could lay comfortably on he chooses this one because he likes to be as close as possible to us at all times.

The other two pictures I couldn't resist taking one day at home. He was sitting so nicely each time.

He's a handsome boy!

Thanks again for choosing the perfect puppy for us!


To anyone considering a Doberman, Margarita has been a huge blessing to our family. She is a highly knowledgeable breeder, with unlimited energy and advice. Her kindness and compassion are unsurpassed! Our family was complete when we brought home our gorgeous dobe, Maya. She was lovable, gentle, and very smart. Her eyes and expressions could speak volumes! Her size and breed may have given people pause, but her temperament and personality quickly won everyone over (even our mailman)! Everyone commented on her confident stance and pretty presentation. Our beloved girl left us way too soon, and due to our trust and admiration for Margarita, we were quickly in contact with her to request another of her puppies. Our home and hearts are again filled with joy and laughter, as we have recently brought home our new girl, Isla. She is a character! Playful, inquisitive, and patient with us as “new parents.” Her coloring is rich and she too presents with a confidence unike any puppy I have every seen. We would recommend Margarita to anyone. She is an invaluable resource to doberman lovers everywhere!

~Dave, Jenni, Ariel, Hannah, Molly, and Isla Rodriguez;

Hi Margarita,

We just want to let you know how happy we are with oursweet hairy hairless Chinese Crested, Nayla. We are soglad we found you online! I truly believe God lead us to you and Nayla! It was meant to be. Nayla is doing justfabulous. She is so verysweet, sillyand smart. Such a good little girl!

Thank you so much for all your help, answering all ( and we had a lot!! )our questions and putting our minds at ease through out the entire process. You're the best!

I knew Margarita was an exceptional person when I first spoke to her on the phone. Her enthusiasm for dogs, especially Dobermans was so infectious. I picked up my Doberman, Tika, from her the following weekend. I was simply amazed by how beautiful Tika was when Margarita first introduced me to her. She turn heads where ever I take her. I swell with pride when I see drivers drive past us and they take a double take at Tika when I am walking her. My friends and even strangers are impressed with how calm she is yet she has that energetic puppy playfulness that brightens up my day. I truly felt blessed to be able to take her home with me from Margarita's Kennel and make her a part of my family

This is my first time owning a Doberman and Margarita has been there for me every step of the way. She is always available to offer unwavering advice, encouragement and much support. I am already dreaming about adding more Dobermans to my family some day from Margarita. Thank you so much, Margarita! You are the best!


We have been blessed with not one, but two beautiful, intelligent, loving dogs from Margarita. We recently added another red female to our family. We have a three year old red named Lucy, and now a four month old red named Ellie. We cannot imagine not having these girls in our home.. The ever goofy nature of the Dobe is priceless, and having that times two is a joy.

Margarita ensures that one, her dogs will be put in the best homes, two, the owners are informed and skilled in the care of the dog, and three, that the owners will be forever satisfied. Thank you again Margarita for the wonderful Dobermans in our lives!!!

Mark and Nicole

I have been a Doberman owner and lover since the 1960s and have never experienced more than a few days without a Dobe in my home. Over time one Dobe became two Dobes – and all of my Dobes were bred as show dogs. However, I was not able for all these years to actually take any of my Dobes into the show ring. When my first black male – Smokey (Stetson’s Smoke Gets In Your Eyes) crossed the Rainbow Bridge in May 2012 one day after his 14thbirthday, I knew that I wanted another black male.

My research led me to Margarita Files in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin and within a very few days I made the decision to buy Moa’s Storm of the Great Lakes (a black son of Moa’s Living the Dream (Bella) and GCH CH Francesca’s House of Blues (Dakota) and committed to taking him into the breed ring. Storm has now been in 5 shows – took Winners Dog for 2 points in his very first show at 6 months. None of this would have happened if it hadn’t been for Margarita’s wonderful guidance and tutelage in helping me get Storm ready and her wonderful handling of him in the ring.

But most importantly, this little Baby Dobe has a way of looking directly into your eyes and stealing your heart immediately – a testament to his breeding and his care during his first weeks of life. Margarita is a Dobe lovers breeder and owner – and it is wonderful to see her love and caring for Dobes. I am so glad that I found her and Storm. Thanks Margarita!


Hi Margarita,

I just wanted to let you know that Jet(MOA's Up Up N Away, CD WAC) turned 13 on Saturday June 15th. I am so greatful to you for letting us bring Jet into our family. Jet has been an amazing dog with the biggest heart, he never leaves my side and is my constant companion. Health wise he has had a slight heart murmer since he was 9 and this past November his spleen burst which gave us a big scare; we thought we were going to lose him, but he pulled through. He still loves going for walks and car rides and enjoys the company of my other doberman Lena who is 4. I really think she has kept him young. I hope you are doing well. I am attaching a few photos of Jet.

Crystal Becker and Jet

What can I say to describe 12 years (More or less) of an awesome friendship and ownership of one of Margarita's phenomenal Doberman Pinschers?

In 2002 I lost my first Doberman Nikita (Backyard Bred) to Osteosarcoma and I can actually tell you it felt like the end of my world.

This was on Friday June 26, 2002...on Sunday June 28th I received a very strange phone call from someone "Margarita" telling me that she had available a black and rust bitch that up until that evening had been sold but that the couple had decided to wait on the next litter for a male pup. She invited me to come that evening to see the pup for myself. On the way there, literally 2 minutes from her house..we were involved in an traffic accident that required medical assistance. I being the one requiring it asked my sister to immediately call her and tell her what happened, that I wasn't blowing her off but that I was also refusing to go to the hospital before I saw this pup.

Margarita brought that pup to the accident site and allowed me to see her before being loaded in the ambulance, then followed us to the hospital to make sure my family who was following behind would not get lost.

Margarita and Moa Dobermans changed my life. She and Moa's Miss Amazing Grace (Gracie) brought sunshine back where darkness had lived.Her endless patience taught me to post and repost ears that seemed to take forever to stand. Her enthusiasm and support opened new doors and I was introduced to the Dog Show World and did okay considering I had a lot to learn.,.namely, Gracie hated showing...I was okay with this (Okay I really wasn't but why make her miserable...figured I could do something else) Instead of being a show dog, Gracie showed the remarkable natural ability to signal my migraines which up till she came into my life, I had not impending warning...and she was accurate from 30 minutes to 5 hours before, day or night she never missed a cue.

Gracie did become one of the youngest Doberman Pinscher to pass the WAC test at just a few days past her 18th Month and did so with flying colors.

Gracie recently (January 15, 2014) was humanely euthanized at the age of (more or less 12 years) from a mass in her chest that caused a fluid to build up inside her pericardium., Again I felt my world had collapsed.

A phone call to inform Margarita of the loss of this great girl was filled with support compassion and endless love for me and my beautiful girl. I was told about an upcoming litter and I'm proud to announce that the hole in my heart will be nicely patched by a new Black and Rust Bitch aptly named Moa's A Dozen More Or Less..

I would NEVER consider getting a pup from anyone but Margarita, she puts her dogs health, well being and care before anything else. She doesn't breed carelessly but to improve not only the breed but the health and longevity of a breed she dearly loves...and she continues to be a wealth of knowledge, a support system and someone I am not only proud to call a co-owner but also my FRIEND... I LOVE YOU MARGARITA and the Doberman Pinscher breed is blessed to have someone like her in their corner.

Jodi Ziolkowski

Moa's Miss Amazing Grace WAC, SD (2002-2014)

Moa's A Dozen More Or Less (2014- Watch out world...here we come!!!!)

Thanks Margarita, we absolutely love our red male Doberman puppy "Max". He has a great temperament and loves people and other animals. We have had him in two difference obedience classes and each of the instructors said "Max" is very impressive and must come from a good breeder. I just wanted to pass this on to you. I also included a couple of photos of Max. Thank you again, and I would recommend anyone looking for a Dobermanto purchase from you.

Mike H.

We couldn't be happier with the Chinese Crested we got from Margarita. Kobe is a sweet 
dog that was handled correctly from birth. Dealing with Margarita was very professional 
and informative. She really has the best interest of her dogs at heart and the animals reflect
this. Everything was seamless and smooth with our transaction and we couldn't have hoped 
for a nicer dog! Well handled and socialized and a personality to die for! He's an absolute hoot, 
the life of our house- where he so proudly acts as king. :) Wouldn't hesitate to purchase another 
dog from Margarita and she is my first referal when someone asks me about Chinese Cresteds. 

Lina & Dave

He is such a wonderful addition to our family. There is not a day when we don't 
get a complement on his looks and behavior. He is one supersmart and great looking dobe!
Riley is practicing for August where he will be participating in the all doberman drill team 
for the MN state fair. We are proud of him and his accomplishments thus far. 
Thank you forallowing us purchase him and allowing him to become such a big part of our 
lives. We are proud to disclose to all that his is a MOA dobe and we strongly
recommend you to everyone. Your high level of dedication to this breed is very obvious 
and we hope you never stop filling families like ours with all the joys provided by your dobes.

Best regards
Dan and Sherry Schmitt





"I have been blessed with four of Margarita's Dobes over the past 20 
years.  Each has been incredibly intelligent, trainable, beautiful, loyal, 
and loving.  My life has been greatly enriched by these amazing dogs, 
and I am so grateful to Margarita for entrusting them to me!  In 
addition to being fantastic companions, I've been introduced to the 
world of dog shows through them.  Their aptitude has made Rally, 
obedience, and now a bit of conformation a joy to learn! 
Thank you !
From the bottom of my heart, Margarita!"
Wendy T.





We've known Margarita for about 15 years and obtained three Dobermans from her over this time. I can't say enough about her dogs and her love and commitment to them. When we met Margarita, she was in Merton WI. We received our first Doberman, Alexis, from her at that time. Next we received Jasmine, a red female. A better dog I've never owned. Not only was she a "looker" but was extremely smart and great with people. It was a very sad day in June of 2011 when Jasmine died. We knew we had to contact Margarita to check on the availability of another Doberman puppy.

We went to her newer location in Beaver Dam and found our latest dog Ginger, a fawn doberman and have had her since August 2011. All of the dogs we've received from Margarita have been great, both in appearance and personality. Margarita's love of her animals is obvious and her knowledge and experience is extensive. She not only works with the dogs but also with the owners.

She is always there with advice and tips. She trained us on how to post the dogs ears when they were cropped, never losing patience with our inexperience. Margarita would demonstrate how it should be done repeatedly over time until we got it right. She's always readily available to help and has gone to lunch with us to discuss the dogs and we've been to dog shows to watch her show her dogs. Overall,

I wouldn't think of getting a Doberman from anyone else. 

Thanks Margarita for all you've done for the dogs and us and

the difference you've made in our lives. I can't imagine the last 15 years without our "companions / family members" and you have made that possible.






I got my first Doberman from Margarita about 13 years ago.  From the beginning she went over and above to let my whole family get to know and bond 

with our puppy.  “Luna” was a joy to own.  She was beautiful  highly 

intelligent and my daughter’s best friend.

Next came “Ego.”  Ego was, and still is, a once in a lifetime dog.  I still can’t believe that Margarita allowed him to live with me.  

He became MOA’s top winning Doberman and is a joy to live with…a true gentle giant. 

“Bella” was next in line, beautiful, silly and my constant shadow

another great dog to live with. As I write this, #4 has come 

into our lives.  She is Lucea, a beautiful little red girl and

Bella’s granddaughter.  She has not been here long but she 

is already cementing her place in our hearts.  

I have no doubt she will live up to the MOA reputation.

I am a Wizard of Oz fan and Margarita’s dobes fit the bill.  Brains – Heart – Courage, they have it all and more!  You will never find a more well-adjusted and ready for life dog anywhere. 

Margarita is always there to help and answer questions.  

I feel very blessed and proud to call her a close personal friend.

Thank you, Margarita, for letting us share our lives with such loving, beautiful and wonderful dogs.  Thanks for being such a great friend!






It is impossible to
speak of the magic of Margarita's dogs without first speaking about

the magic of Margarita…..a real life Dr Doolittle. If you are lucky

enough to ever share your life with one of Margarita's dogs you will

understand the gift she has given you. Your dog will be healthy and beautiful well beyond breed standards. Your dog will be calm in all situations, socialized to animals and people, gentle and able to be handled in all aspects of grooming and housekeeping. Seems too good already and I have not even gotten to the magic. Margarita is able to read the soul of your dog and frankly yours too. Your dog will be perfectly matched to your temperament and your household guaranteeing you and your family a companion that will be in your heart every single day….. now and forever.

For a real dose of the magic in action one needs only to board their pet with Margarita. It is a festival of all sizes, shapes, breeds and species interacting and all having fun. At play time Margarita matches her boarders according to their personalities and eccentricities to insure that a safe and good time is had by all. It is always a joyous reunion when Margarita and her babies….of all ages….are reunited however there is an undeniable twinkle in Margarita's eye when any pet is dropped off to be in her care. I can tell she just loves getting to know each and every boarder as if they were her own…..which in fact is how they will be attended to during their stay.

Thank you Margarita….your dogs are magic and so are you!



Progress on the home front 


Best friends



Words can't express the gratitude I will forever have twords Margarita. 
I'm the lucky/proud owner of 3 beautiful,healthy,balanced Chinese 
Cresteds. Meeting Margarita and the love she has for her dogs rubbed 
off, and that started my love affair for the cresteds. They are like 
potato chips, you can't just have one. All her dogs have the same 
wonderful bubbly outgoing personality Margarita has. Thank you again 
for all the knowledge and experience you have shared with me over 
the years. You will forever hold a very special place in my heart 
and I look forward to the future. 

Sincerely, Tara

pictures to follow

Thank you so much for trusting me with Snookie. She is growing into a beautiful bitch and one heck of a show dog. Her first major at 6 months and a week. WOW! Keep up the good work on your breeding program.

Hi Margarita!

I just wanted to express my thanks to you for your help in taping my boxer's ears! His ears have turned out wonderful. His handler is 

extremely pleased with his ears. Thank you very much for taking the 

time to come to my home and help this 'virgin' with her pups ears.

I've attached a picture of Tony at Waukesha class.

Again, Thank you for all of your help with his ears!!! You are 

wonderful. I hope your kennel is doing well and that you are doing 

fantastic as well! This weather we are having is perfect! My only

wish is I could spend more time outside in it instead of looking

through the glass at it all day! Enjoy!


Dani Williamson






We received two dobes from Margarita. Both were great companions; 
intellegent, loyal, gentle with children,had great temperament, 
and were loved by all our neighbors. At least two friends 
who did not own dogs both became doberman people after meeting 
our dogs.We are looking forward to soon receiving our third Dobe 
from Margarita, and would not hesitate to recommend her.
One thing I can truly say about Margarita is she is a person of her word.
Geoff and Kay

Dear Margarita

I've been meaning to send you pictures of Cosmo for the last year. At last I’ve got a few pictures he would stand for. These pictures were taken on his first birthday July 2nd. The kids absolutely adore the dog. Notice the birthday hat they made for him out of a paper cup.

I just wanted to let you

know that we love our dog and it is apparent that he is very happy with us.

Thanks for breeding such a winner!




Comet was the brother of Ransom and Nicki. He was a beautiful black and tan boy, 
an incredible athlete
and above all, a wonderful companion. Comet trained in obedience for 3 years,
and then agility, and a single session of flyball - he was an exceptional
obedience dog, always very focused and ready to work. I have never seen a more
regal dog, I was always so proud at how refined and glorious a specimen Comet
was, and yet, he couldn't have been more kind.

Lets be honest, these can be intimidating dogs, and they carry themselves with such confidence - when they trot up and look you right in the eye, it's hard not to be taken aback. But you spend a minute with Comet, and you see how goofy and playful, how warm and gracious he can be. We have a friend who is scared of Dobermans in particular (a bad childhood experience with Dobies), within 30 seconds of meeting Comet, she was petting him. Five minutes later they were friends for life. To this day she mentions how wonderful a dog he is, and how he so quickly won her over. We had many people fawn over Comet, some with dogs of their own, all of them have said in some form or another, best dog ever.

He was such a wonderful family dog, we have had three children in his lifespan, and he adapted so well to the kids. He was always diligent, protective, and very careful around the kids. I can't remember ever worrying for an instant about how he was with kids. It was just part of his nature to protect them. That included moving carefully around them, not knocking them over.

Comet was an amazing dog. If there were any flaws, it's because we, as owners and trainers, didn't do our job. This dog did everything we asked of him with great pride and satisfaction. ALWAYS at your side - let me repeat that, ALWAYS at your side. This was not some warm doormat that would ignore you until you fed him - this dog is a constant presence. He was darn near telepathic, raise an eyebrow, make even a subtle gesture of concern and he was at your side, with a look on his face that said " What, what's going on, how can i help, what are we doing!"

He was long lived, but it could never be long enough. This is a dog who loved to do the right thing, very proud, very smart, and very caring. He is greatly missed.






DJ is the best looking/mannered doberman I have ever had the pleasure of sharing my life with. Thank you so much

Margarita, We cannot thank you enough. My husband has had 3 dobermans from you. The first two I didnt have the chance to meet, however, he raves about what great dogs they were. I had my first opportunity to learn about Dobermans through our 3rd one, Jocelyn. She lived to be 13 1/2 years old, and to her dying day, she definately loved life! She was such a lover and a cuddler! Her bark told people that this was her house and she was there to protect it and her family, but once you were in, you were welcomed with kisses. We would sit and watch tv and she would nudge your hand until you pet her! She loved running through the yard and cuddling when we went to bed. When we would go for walks, once that lead was on, she walked like she owned the cat~walk. Margarita,you have always been there for my husband and myself, with any questions or concerns we have had. Your care and knowledge express that you not only care about the breed itself, but each and every one of the pups, as an individual. A characteristic that is truely unique to you! The best compliment that we can give is word of mouth, and believe me, every chance we get, we refer your name! Thank you, for being who you are and for loving what you do!





Dear Margarita,

We would like to take a minute to tell you "Thank You" for our Doberman, Lexi. She is a beautiful and loving two year old, that is full of life and an irreplaceable member of our family. Our favorite attribute that Lexi displays is how awesome she is with our kids

(ages 7 & 9) and their friends. She is loving, playful and protective of all of our neighborhood's children. All the kids just love her. Her temperament is perfect. We would definitely buy another Doberman from you in the future. We appreciate that you are ALWAYS available to answer our questions and give us advice on raising our dog. You really go above and beyond!! Our experiences with MOA Dobermans could not be better!

Thank you again!!


Andy and Laura


Margarita Files is a breeder extraordinaire!

On December 26, 2011, we brought home our new family member. Her name is Fiona and she is a true hairless Chinese Crested. Fiona wins the award for Miss Personality. She is smart, loving, spunky, energetic, inquisitive and playful. We laugh every day as we watch her grow, explore and learn. There is never a dull moment with Fiona!

As a worried mother, Margarita is ALWAYS there for me. Whenever I call, she is patient, listens, and advises me as to what to do. This is invaluable! She said that she would be there for us whenever we needed her and she “stuck by her word” and then some. She truly cares about her puppies and their well being.

I would recommend Margarita Files to anyone who is interested in purchasing a Chinese Crested. She is an expert in understanding the breed and their personality traits. It did not take more that a few minutes for us to realize that she is looking out for the best interests of her puppies.

Fiona is the perfect addition to our family and we thank you, Margarita!

Lauri, David, and Max

There's no one I trust more to board or adopt my Dobermans from than Margarita and MOA Dobes. While researching Doberman breeders in Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa I had the chance to tour MOA Dobes and immediately recognized the care, calm and love she has for her passion.

Margarita is an extremely kind, considerate and loving breeder and boarder. I consider Margarita an extension of my family and I know she considers all of her dogs and owners a part of her extended family. I can call and ask her questions and I know I can rely on her when it comes to the well being of my dogs. I feel very privileged to have been welcomed into the MOA family and been given the opportunity to care for these gentle, loving and beautiful dogs.

I am happy to be a reference to anyone who asks and cannot thank Margarita enough for her wisdom and generous nature. I know where my next Doberman will come from and I know my Dobes always have a second home when needed.

-- Farzad Diba





It is without reservation that I recommend Margarita as a breeder. Over the years we have owned three Doberman Pinchers. We got our last one from Margarita and hopefully will never have to go to a different breeder again. The Doberman she gave us has the greatest disposition in the world. Although “Nitro ” may be intimidating at first glance, I repeatedly have to tell people that he is simply a big baby. He is by far the best dog we have ever owned. He is gentle with children and great with strangers and other dogs. My gratitude goes out to Margarita for giving us a great member of our family.

Lance S. Grady 







You probably do not remember us but we are up here in Eau Claire and we bought a Dobie puppy from you way back in 1997. We drove down to pick him up but he had gotten into some chicken fat and was not feeling well so we could not

take him home.

We met you and Otis the next week-end at a truck stop in Mauston to get the puppy. He was out of your dogs \"Gemstone\'s Slick as Ice\" and \"Bethamm Baby I Need your Luv.\" Anyway, I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful dog he has been.

He is now 11 1/2 years old and still acts like he is two. He is the smartest dog we have ever owned and the most healthy. He has the sweetest temperment but I know he would protect us with his life. He is very spoiled, but in a good way. We love him to death and hope we have many more years with him.

I just wanted to say that if all of your dogs are even half as wonderful as our Tracer is you have some very special dogs indeed. I would never hesitate to get another dog from you or to recommend you as a breeder.

Thank you

So very much for our very special boy.

After the death of our Samoyed, we took a great deal of time researching breads of dogs. When we decided on the Doberman, we were given the names of reputable breeders. Margarita was very knowledgeable and extremely passionate about her dogs. It is safe to say that we researched our breeder as much as she researched us!! Zeus was our firstdobe. He is 3 1/2 years old, a therapy dog, and has the canine good citizen award. Hera, our baby, is 9 months old and is the sweetest and most gentle dog we have ever owned. They are both fantastic family dogs and so incredibly smart. We couldn't be happier!


Thor is our second Doberman from Margarita. We adored our first dog, a black male, and when he died I searched for MOA Dobes on the web (as Margarita had moved!). We now have our second dog (a red male) and he is every bit as nice as our first dog was. The temperaments of these dogs is truly indescribable. Our small-animal veterinarian looked at me during our last visit and smiled and said, “Where in the world do you keep finding these wonderful dogs!” These Dobermans are friendly with people of all ages. Our daughter was born when our first Doberman was 3. He was gentle with a brand new baby and he stepped delicately around her as a toddler. Rachel was 9 when our second Doberman came home, and they are 100% inseparable. He feels it is his responsibility to watch her, and he takes his job very seriously. When we went to find a picture of Thor to send to Margarita, we could not find a picture of the dog without the daughter. We laugh every day and say, “Thor loves his kid.” Our daughter tells everyone he is “A-thorable.”


When we searched for our latest Dobe we kept hearing about this lady named Margarita! After talking to several breeders in WI and IL it soon became apparent Margarita was the one for us. Her years of experience and her passion for her dogs from the time they are born and though out their whole life she is there for them and you. Dobes are a unique breed and the care and attention they need, needs to come from a knowledgeable source. Most vets don’t have a clue about dobes nor does the best dog food store in your town. From there healthcare, diet, training and more she will help you all the way though your dobes life. Many breeders of dobes these days are more concerned about just winning a show or how there line looks and forget about the dog. Not Margarita.

Dobes are unique, they are equally happy laying on the couch all day with you or running or walking 10 miles day with you but Dobes are there to be a member of your family and protect your home and family if needed. Usually it’s with just a bark or growl but that’s what they have been bred to do. If bred, cared for and trained correctly they amazingly know what is a threat and what isn’t, what needs a bark, what needs a growl and etc. I could tell you story after story about our Dobes and our family from our kids crawling and sleeping on the dogs beds with them to the family fun in competitive training and even taking them hunting!

So if you are looking for a lifelong companion that will be by or on top of your side, they are all just really big lap dogs, Margarita and her dobes will become a true member of your family and give you a lifetime of joy.


Waukesha, WI





Hello Margarita-

Just wanted to send you some pictures of Bruce. He is doing well- We have had him in training at K-9 obedience. He is such a great match for us and we appreciate you taking the time to match the dogs with their owners. He is a wonderful addition to our family. We will be contacting you at some point in the future for a sibling for Bruce.

Thank you for breeding such a wonderful companion for us-

Katie and John

















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