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Complete chicken diet:

 Ingredients: chicken, turkey,  ground beef, Beef liver, eggs, salmon,Tripe Steamed bone meal, wheat germ and vitamin pack        

 $1.20 lb 50lb block

 $1.35 lb 6 lb block

                                                                             $1.60 lb 2 lb bag

Whole chicken backs or necks:

$.65lb 6lb bag

                                                                $.80lb 1 or 2 # bag     

Ground chicken backs and necks combined:

 $.65lb 6lb bag  (great bone content.) 

 $.80lb sold in 6 lb bag

Complete Raw beef diet :                          

Includes beef, ground bone, liver, tripe, lung, kidney, vitamin pack, & egg.                                  

 $1.10 lb 15lb block

                                                                             $1.35lb 5lb bag

     $1.60lb 2lb bag






5 lb tubes Flat on three sides

Shank bones: box of apx, 17  $17.00

Loose bones $2.00 each, multi bone discount








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