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"Ditto" MOA's Here we go again
Whelped 9/2012
Breeder:   MOA

Dittie is my cute little china doll. I put a show lead on her at 4 weeks old she did a perfect down and back. I thought it was the cutest thing I had ever seen. I laughed and laughed. From that moment I knew she was mine.

Whelped 2007 
Breeder: Darlene and Everett Jenkins
Breeder:   MOA

Cali is a fun loving girl. She finished very fast. from the 9-12 month class. Cali was a stud fee pup. In my opinion she was the pick of the litter. My pick anyway. I love her dearly and hope she will make MOA proud with her next generation....

Jennie - CH MOA's Jen-no-fur-Lopez
Whelped 2005 
Breeder: MOA

Jennie is a different sort of girl. She is more cat like and will take you on her terms. When she doesn't want to be bothered she will let you know.

Candi - CH MOA's covered confection

Whelped 2/18/2001
Breeder: MOA

 This is my little Candycane. She is a cool young lady. A wonderful show dog and she loves to please. Her very first litter produced Winners dog at the 2009 Chinese crested National.


Baisley - CH Juvani's Covered perfection
Whelped 10/2/1997
Breeder: Sandy Dowell

Baisley was my foundation bitch. I sort of resented her because she was a puff. I wanted a hairless girl as most of us do. One day I got a call from Sandy her breeder. Who was referred to me by Phyllis Rachunas. I got my first male HL from Phyllis. Anyway she offered me this magnificent little lady. A friend picked her up from the Springfield shows and met me with her.


She was 4 months old and such a cutie. I bought her home and put her in the pen next to my male. Well she freaked and jump out of the pen. My husband and I looked for her deep into the night. I feared for her life because we lived in the country.


Anyway long story short the next day I had all the kids in the neighborhood looking for her. She found refuge at a neighbor’s house about a quarter of a mile away. She scratched on her door. When the woman looked out she didn't see anyone. So she walked away. Baisley scratched again and stood on her hind feet and backed away from the door. The woman let her in; she was returned to me.... I love that little smart baby girl.
She was my first dog that I finished all by myself. It was great!
Thanks Sandy for a wonderful addition to my family.








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