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"Pope" MOA's Second Shot at Friendship:
Pope was named after my work husband Ron Pope who died when my little man was just a pup.. Ron Pope  was my buddy and the only man in my life after my husband Otis died. We had many fun days at GE. My heart was broken when Pope died. So now I have this little guy to remind me of Ron when ever I call his name. It's funny I call him all the nicknames I used to call the Pope. I know Pope was with me the first time I took this guy into the ring, because his first weekend out he got 2 Best of Breeds over 7 specials and a group 4. What a weekend for me and my little guy. I love this boy.

Pope is owned by : Margarita Files MOA Dobes and Chinese Cresteds

"GEO" MOA's The Shot Herd Around the World:

  This is my little GEO, short for georilla rilla. My buddy Lett named him as a 4 week old baby. Never did she think he would shortly become hers. She came by the house one day to help me take puppy pictures. Lett wasn't feeling well  so she went into the daycare room to take a nap. Every time she woke up Geo would be looking at her, as if to say, are you OK? Can I help in any way? 

  I came into the room and was informed that she wanted one of my puppies... I laughed because I truly thought she was joking... She then said I am not joking I want one of your puppies. I asked which one? She said that one. My heart sank because that was the one I wanted to keep for myself. 

  Lett is my dear friend and I have never denied her anything. So Geo lives with her now and I get the pleasure of showing him. What a joy that is.


GEO is owned by : Margarita Files MOA Dobes and Chinese Cresteds

and Lettice Pinel

"Cowboy" Champion SilverBluff Coca Cowboy:
What can I say about Cowboy? He is the most loved Chinese Crested I have ever had the honor to own. He came to me as a dog in need, Cowboy needed someone to understand him. When I first met him he seemed to be broken. I looked into his eyes and I am sure I could see his soul. He was asking can you help me? His soul touched mine and at that moment I knew I needed to do what ever I could to at least use him in my breeding program. 

Cowboy was not available at that time. I later came to own him. That s another story. With my love and patience I finished his Ch title in no time, very easy. He is now working on his Grand and sailing through it with ease as well.

I bred him to my girls and so far he has produced 6 champions with 6 more very close to the finish. All I must say with very little showing. Out of a total of 17 puppies. WHAT A STUD!!!!!  I knew he was a lover the first time I laid eyes on him.... He was my gift from God and I was his gift as well.

Cowboy is owned by : Margarita Files MOA Dobes and Chinese Cresteds
and Barbara Fisher

 Bryan"   Moa's"I'Ve Got A Crush On U

                    Always Bryan

This is my boy Bryan he is a fun boy. My gooffy man. He needs 3 singles to finish.

Bryan is owned by Margarita Files @ MOA 


Cowboy MOA's Ride um Cowboy

Pop Tart - CH Moa's  Poperratizi


Patch - CH MOA's Rogaine ain't Helpin
Patch sired many Champions. He was a wonderful boy, sweet kind and loving.
He was my first home bred Champion. He was taken from me in the fire that 
burned my boarding kennel down to the ground.







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