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Miss Otis - MOA's If I Could 
Breeder: Margarita Files
Whelped July 15th 2013  
VWD Vetgen Clear by parentage
Miss Otis was named after my dear late husband. She is one of
the smartest Dobes I have ever owned. At four months old she learned how to turn the ceiling fans off with the wall switch. I think she is a combination of all my favorite Dobes with a splash of Otis. I love her to pieces, even though she is very stuborn. 


Izzy - CH MOA's Bizzy Edition
Breeder: Margarita Files,Aimee & Brian Ravens
Whelped April 2008                                            
VWD Vetgen Clear
Owner Lisa Hemke  
Izzy was sold to Lisa.  


Sil-E - CH MOA's Silver Edition 
Breeder: Margarita Files,Aimee & Brian Ravens
Whelped April 2008 
VWD Vetgen Clear
Sil-E is a goof ball just like her mommy (Honey). She is my most Fav dog and  is a Joy to live with and was fun to watch show. Dave and Jennifer raised her from a 12 week old. She was with the Goldfein's when we had the fire at the boarding kennel. Thank god. I am so pleased that she was not here. Sil-e is working on becoming a read dog.  She never made it to be a read dog. Sil-e died unfortunately due to a rare inoperable cancer.


Bet - MOA's Bet the Pot
Whelped November 9, 2004 Pedigree
VWD Vetgen Carrier
Bet is a wonderful show dog, she has drive and intenseness. She is a very selfish little girl and feels the world owes her something. Bet also has a soft side which requires love and attention. She is not happy unless she is in the middle of some sort of drama. I guess that's what makes her such a great showdog. I showed her 4 weekends and put 8 points on her, including a 4 point major. She to was taken from me in the fire. Sleep softly my Drama queen.

Honey - CH Jay'dn Kiss Me Honey by MOA

Breeder Aimee & Brian Ravens
Sire: CH Merrimac's Poseidon on Board      
Dam: CH Paradigm Prelude to a Kiss

VWD: Vetgen Clear
OFA Hips: Excellent
OFA Elbows: Normal
Thyroid: Low Normal
Honey is the goof ball of MOA. When you want a laugh just call Honey. She will bounce off your face and look at you as if to say lets do that again. She is constantly getting into something.
When she gets yelled at she just comes running with her nub wagging away. I am crazy about this silly little girl and can't wait till she is ready to show.
Honey was shown by me in the puppy class where I got her first point. After she matured I sent her with Cindy who assured me the two of them would get the job done. Well they did Honey came home a Champion. Honey was a wonderful dog until the day she died... She had a tail that moved so fast it look like a vibrator. When she ate her shin on her neck would get so tight it looked like ropes on her neck.....Honey had the bark of a great dane.... she scared everybody until they saw her tail....LOL Miss you more than I can express in words....


BJ - MOA's Diamond Replica
Whelped November 27, 2003
VWD Vetgen Carrier
BJ is so sweet and loving. She is a very bouncy little lady with high energy. I was surprised to see how beautiful she was when Chelsea got WB on her at the MN show and I got the picture . Around the house she doesn't stand still long enough.
Unfortunatly she too died in the fire at my boarding kennel. It is ironic that her and Bet both died together because they truley did not like one another.

Nikki - BISS CH MOA's Waiting To Exhale
Whelped April 11 2002
Multi BOB winner
VWD Vetgen Tested
OFA excellent
Thyroid (MSU) normal
Full detention
Nicki is a wonderful house dog with enough drive to show. Nicki is currently being shown as a special by Chelsea Kamine an excellent JR handler. Nicki Died of Breast cancer at 10 years old

Brandi - CH MOA's Have You Ever LC-10D 

Whelped September 15, 2000
Multi BOB winner
Red and rust
VWD Vetgen Carrier
OFA excellent
Thyroid normal (MSU)

Brandi has been a wonderful producer as well as a great friend. She is loving and loyal and has a great personality. Brandi Died on 11/32010 on my birthday along with Sil-e



Lacey - BISS CH MOA's Leather And Lace LC-10L 

Whelped September 15, 2000
Multi BOB winner
Black and rust
VWD Vetgen affected
Owner Dave and Jennifer Goldfein
Co-owner MOA Dobermans
Lacey is Brandi's sister, She was a wonderful girl for MOA, Lacey was the first at MOA to make people stand up and take notice. At 12 months of age she went to the Doberman Pincher National and got reserve with an entry of approximately 200 bitches.

Otis was so excited he could hardly contain himself. After that show she became the best little friend 
of my wonderful handler and his fantastic wife Dave and Jennifer Goldfein where she is living out her 
life as a couch potato...

Blue - CH MOA's Once in a Blue Moon LC-11D 

VWD Vetgen Carrier
Eyes -CERF
OFA - good
What can I say about Blue? she is one of my best friends, she sleeps with me, when I let her. She eats off my plate, when I offer. She gives me kisses, when I need them. She steals liver from my pockets, when it suits her. She also produced the top winning dog (EGO) at MOA. Blue put MOA on the map and I will be forever grateful for all she has done for me. Blue was put down right before her 13th birthday.

Star - MOA's Born TBA Star V Equinox

More information will be here shortly 

Star didn't care for the showdog scene. She was content with just being loved. Star didn't care for the mother thing, she was just content with being loved. Star produced five Champions for me and some wonderful pets for others. She got her way and is now always underfoot where she wants to be, just being loved. Star lived to be almost 10 years old.

Sin - MOA's Nothin but the devil

More information will be here shortly 

Sin was the first daughter of one of my two foundation bitches. She was the first of my breeding that I kept to show, that didn't work out too well. She was a fun girl and very easy to live with. She never got into trouble and was usually quiet as a mouse. Sin spent most of her time laying somewhere sucking on her teddy bear.





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